Friday, September 27, 2013

As we progressively move through the curriculum of our class out group flow and work have improved. Our game design and platform continue to evolve and experience modifications which each class and meeting of our group ideas. In the last class after solidifying the ideas if the core mechanics of our deck building game Grimoire we begin to look at the essential features and special functions of the game. We have tweeted and passed through the formal stage with some ease and now we collaboratively decide the features of the cards. We unanimously decide the amount of cards needed for each category of our game(10 spell cards, 60 time cards etc,). It became clear to us the direction of design for our cards that we were willing to take based on the previous cards we hae design each on out own and brought to class. After careful thought we motioned to meet again during the week to finally out our creative card ideas on paper for the initial game test next class and on behalf of my group we are excited to see the results!!!

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