Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pushing Through the Snags

     We went home after class last week with a ton to think about. Our game's core mechanics worked well enough, but we found there were a few fundamental issues with the game's cards that hampered enjoyment. They weren't major issues, and for the most part, they only affected the early game. While mid to late, it started to pick up and became more enjoyable, no one was really liking just how slow paced the start was, and so we went home thinking of ways to pick up the pace, such as maybe lowering the cost of Tier Three Time or adding a few more low cost spells so people can buy cheap and attack earlier on. We resolved to think of more issues and possible answers to them during our next meeting, giving ourselves time away from it to recharge and just think about it on our own time.
     Skip ahead a few days to the day we scheduled the team meeting and we get a text from a group mate. Regrettably, a family emergency has rendered her unavailable to join the meeting today. My first thought, however, wasn't on the project, but on her. What's going on? Is she ok? Thoughts like that whirled around my head when another text comes in. One of worry over what has happened. It got me thinking, we only knew each other for about three and a half weeks or so, yet already our first thoughts were more about each other rather than just the project. It helped me see just how close-knit we became in such a short time as we worked tirelessly on the game. Occasionally, we would butt heads or joke around, but we really did care for each other. By the end of the meeting, we accomplished our set goals for the day, handed out our individual assignments, and sent our team meeting notes to our missing friend. In the end, we all had our part to play, but if there were any missteps along the way, we'll pull each other through, as a team should. As friends should.

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