Monday, October 14, 2013

Finishing Touches

Even though not everyone could make it to the group meeting outside of class this past week, we each came prepared to class with what we had assigned each other. We had a complete rough draft version of Grimoire ready for the class to play test. Because only Francis stayed at our table to as questions to the student play testers, the rest of my group and I did not get to see how our game played. Luckily at the end of class, we got to meet up and discuss what Francis had observed all class. Sadly, we still had a lot of problems to fix. The game was still moving too slowly, so we decided to lower the cost of challenge cards. Also, we had added some lower cost spell cards which we thought would come in handy at the beginning of the game, but as it turned out, no one wanted to waste their time on them. Another huge item on our list of things to do is to perfect the physical appearance of the cards before next class.

We split up the workload as evenly as possible. We put Francis in charge of designing the character pictures and also coming up with quotes for the cards. Once he finished that, he sent me the designs and I created the cards in photoshop. I recently emailed the finished cards to Ahmed and Amanda A. who will be driving to go get them laminated. Also, one of them is going to be in charge of creating the game box. Hopefully everything goes well with laminating and we have a finished game by Thursday's class.

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