Monday, October 21, 2013

The Final Product

          After all the time and effort we put into creating our best game, it was coming down to perfecting a few of the final touches. Francis and Amanda L. had done an amazing job touching up our game cards, and emailed them to me and Ahmed so that we could bring everything to be laminated. We went on Sunday October 13th, to be sure we allowed enough time for everything to be finished by Thursday. I drove Ahmed and myself to FedEx (Kinkos) and everything we needed was on Ahmed's USB. When we began explaining what we needed to be done, the employees told us that we should put as many cards as possible on one page to save us money, however neither Ahmed or I had photo shop on our computer, so we hit a dilemma. We called Amanda and asked if it would be possible for her to set up each page according to the employee's directions, and she happily did so. The next day when she had finished that she emailed everything to me and Ahmed again and we attempted Kinkos for the second time. Everything went smoothly, for the most part, aside from the shocking price we received. Since we had so many cards that were both fronts and backs, as well as printing and laminating to be done, we had come to a total of $180.00. Unhappily we agreed to the cost, and awaited the call saying everything was complete.
          The next morning I received a call saying there was an issue with our request. The employee had apparently forgot to mention that because our cards needed to be hand cut, it was $1 per card. With a total of 300 cards, I said no way! I argued that the original price of $180.00 was said to have included that request, but the employee claimed that was an error. Later that day I went to pick up the cards, which were still uncut and in full sheets of paper. I brought everything home with me, and after speaking with my group I volunteered to cut out all of the cards myself, and they would handle the game box. In the end, our game came together beautifully, but the work involved was rather tedious. We appreciated all of the feedback and criticism that we received from the professional gamers, and really enjoyed the opportunity to watch others play our final game!!

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