Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Class Time

During class we discussed the mechanics of the game. The hardest part of the day came from the actual strategy. We wanted to make sure everyone in the game was not just going into random storage units and hoping they get what they wanted (which was how it was originally done). However, we decided to have stages or levels of difficulty or chance. The higher numbered storage units would have more items, which gives you a higher chance of getting something you really want (you have a list of items that you can get [if you do not get it you will not be penalized]). We also determined a list of high, medium, and easy pointed items, as well as character cards that show what those specific characters need. With the character cards we made sure to include items that other characters need as well to make the game more competitive. At the end of class, we all decided on who does what (Matt would do the cards, I would do the game board, Amanda and Jess would do the action cards). 

We also ran into a problem when it came to player income (which we determined would be used to move to each different unit). However, we did have a suggestion that suggested that any player could bid on any unit (given they have enough money). Our group also determined that we should have a trade bin where players can dump cards and pick through what is in that bin. Additionally, we were trying to come up with action cards where players can trade with each other if they wanted to (further mechanics will be discussed). 

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