Sunday, November 3, 2013

A New Start

     This week in class students gave a brief oral presentation of the board game they created, and each person voted based on which game they believed they would enjoy working on most. There were plenty of great games to choose from, and everyone seemed eager to begin working on a new game with a fresh set of ideas. After hearing everyone's proposals and writing down our top three, we had to wait to find out which we were assigned to. Finally we were told which games we would be working on, and it seemed like most students were happy with where they ended up.
     Moments later we met with out new group members, and took a few minutes to introduce ourselves to one another. The game we had all been assigned, Bidding Wars, was created by our group member Matt, so he took a few minutes to go into greater detail about the game and some other thoughts and ideas he had been developing. He also suggested that it would be helpful for everyone to read his actual proposal, so he will be sending that to all of the group members as well. We exchanged emails and phone numbers with one another to be sure proper contact can be made between the group, and every member is excited and ready to work!

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