Thursday, November 14, 2013

Continuing our game

This week we made some compelling improvements to our game. We added something to our game in order to make it more interactive. We feel that interactive games are more exciting and compelling for participants. Therefore we decided to add the option of all participants being able to bid on a "unit". One aspect that we are still struggling to decide on is how are participants able to sufficiently gain clues on what items are in each unit. So far the ways to develop clues on what is in each unit are to either land on the unit first or to discover clues through picking up action cards. One thing I suggested was to segment each group of units through regions instead of by risk and reward. My teammate Jess and I bickered over this topic, however decided that our solution to this problem would be done through play testing. Another aspect we added to the game was each participant would start out with a character card, the character card helps a player determine what items will help them gain more points. We still are struggling to find what way would be best to end the game. As of right now it will be when a player reaches a certain amount of points, but that is subject to change through play testing. One thing I am excited about is that the more comfortable our group becomes with each other, the easier it is to brain storm. I look forward to continue to develop the game Bidding Wars with my group!

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